Newborn Session Tips

Parents, these are just some suggestions to help make your portrait session with your newborn a great success:


  • Have any props or accessories you want in your pictures ready.  These will include hats, bows, blankets, family heirlooms, props, and any other items you want.


  • Make sure your room or home is warm.  This is especially important for when your baby will be in their birthday suit.  If the parents or photographer aren’t too warm, then the room isn’t warm enough for the baby.  A space heater works great for this.


  • Have the room or rooms the baby will be photographed in tidy and clutter-free.  This is especially important for lifestyle portraits where the parents and/or siblings will be cuddling with the baby.


  • Parents should wear lightweight clothing since it will be so warm.  And if you want to be in some of the photos with your baby, this should be done at the very beginning before you get too warm.


  • Turn off phones and other distractions.  This includes putting pets outdoors or in a closed off area so they are not in the way.  I love my fur babies, too, but this time is for your newborn.


  • Have water on hand.  You will be thirsty.


  • Your hands will be shown in some of the photos.  Please have your nails neatly trimmed and clean.  This applies to mom, dad, and siblings, too.


  • Try to have at least one other person there to help or to give you a break.  The session can last anywhere from 1-3 hours and everyone will be tired at the end of it.


  • About an hour or two before the session remove all clothing that can leave marks (socks, loosen diaper, nothing elastic around wrists/ankles) 


  • Feeding baby approximately 30 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin will help them sleep through the session so we can get the angelic, squish poses we all love.  It is important that baby is well fed and burped.


  • Before feeding the baby, remove all clothes and socks.  Unfasten the diaper so it can be easily removed and wrap baby in a blanket. This will help eliminate any creases and red marks on the baby’s body.

*I try to use natural light in my photos as much as possible, so when I arrive I will probably want to look around the home to find the best spot to set up. Don't be surprised if I ask to move furniture around